Cultural Encyclopaedia

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The Cultural Encyclopaedia is a large-scale documentation and archive project, initiated by Nana Oforiatta-Ayim, in order to facilitate the re/ordering of knowledge, narratives and representations from and about the African continent. The Cultural Encyclopaedia is represented as a digital platform and in published volumes, and is intended to provide a foundation for alternative narratives of development by generating, collecting and sharing knowledge.

The digital platform of the Cultural Encyclopaedia allows users to upload short summaries from theses, books, magazines, and newspapers on subject areas that cover the cultural foundations of each country and range in scope from the arts (visual arts, literature, theatre, film, music, fashion, design, architecture) to the social sciences (mathematics, science, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, politics and economics). In addition to this, mobile research centres collect and upload photographs, audio and visual testaments, and documents, that speak to new ways of cultural interaction, display and learning. Original writings, images, videos and audio recordings are uploaded alongside these.

The Cultural Encyclopaedia does not aim to be definitive, it seeks to preserve subjectivity and relativity, and it places technology at the core of a new forum of cultural knowledge and exchange.