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Akuba Afonu

Akuba Afonu was born and raised in Ghana where she attended the National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI) and pursued a programme in documentary filmmaking and graduated in 2010. Her thesis film, SKIN CANVAS screened and received a number of nominations at Film Festivals across the world including the “Rencontres Henri Langlois Film Festival in France, The Next Reel Film Festival in Singapore, FESPACO in Burkina Faso, The International Student Film and Video Festival in China and at the Commonwealth Worldview Conference in Accra. She received Best Documentary and Best Picture at the annual NAFTI Students Film Festival. In 2011, she made Perished Diamonds, a film on Ghana’s history of filmmaking and how over the years the art of filmmaking was watered down due to the sale of the film industry to Malaysian Investors. She also gave a lecture on the importance of archives and preservation at the Canal France International Archives and memory workshop held in Accra. In 2015, she made the film African Maestro on renowned musicologist JH Nketia. She currently runs Roaming Akuba Films, a production house located in Accra which caters to making short documentaries for corporate bodies and catering to the production needs to foreign film crews.