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Black List


merge discrete metals to smithereens,
blacksmith who ain't black
and don't smith

Black Africa
a golden ring with a diamond/
a diamond ring with a golden rim?

I am Black
not because I am African

Black is what I feel
an explicit soul speaking lingo
a never melting candle lighting deeper character

Africa is my home
An aesthetic sanctuary
a giant fortress of rolling cultures

where are the black souls blackheads black deeds
black countries that made Africa?
Where are the black voices black art
black masses that move the world?

Children gather in black magic global village
to listen to songs of the black beast
blacks tales too tall to be written
on black boards in black ink in black english
I am a black sheep in a blackout globe
a black mark that keeps my black look black eye untie,
I had/have a black pot of black berries
Uncle Tom and Stepin Fetchit sold for free
on black market day

I am not a crow
I enter black mood morning
in a big black hooded cloak carrying
a blacklist of black pride, black love
blackstrap black stamp black top black waters

home people, gone people, all people
welcome to black people

Smitten black,
a black hearted African
a black nippled pelican
blackity black-tie black
blacken blackish blackfish
blacked blackest blackbird

Mama Africa
a black hole feeding black hills with
black panthers black monkeys black guards

Ena Africa
you went beyond black shirts
black bile black widow and black friars
undo black death
in my home

catch the black ball
keep the black thorn
swim the black sea
find the black belt
erect the black economy

Stop oh Black Maria!
hit me with the black jack
put me in the black box
kiss my black leg
fight me for my black spot

black-currant growers
black pudding eating liberators
black ice breakers
find air in black pool
paint me black
absolute black
invincible black
ubiquitous black
black black
Black Power Black