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Boxing in Gamashie


Introduction to boxing in Ga Mashie

Interview with boxing coach Sowah Thompson Age: 49 From: Adedenkpo

Boxing has a strong preeminence in Ga Mashie. There are posters announcing upcoming matches and pictures of boxers such as that of Joshua Clottey, Azuma Nelson and Ike Quartey almost everywhere. The fighters are the pride of the community and nation. Bukom is an important site for the formation and training of high-ranking champions. Beyond the boxing rings, it isn’t uncommon to witness street fighting walking down the streets and alleys. Gas like fighting.

Regardless of the negative stereotype in Ghana associating Gas with fighting, boxing/fighting has a historical trajectory. Ga forefathers used to fight/wrestle as a hobby with other communities The wrestling-like fighting is called: asafo When boxing arrived to Accra with colonialism, Gas could easily adapt to it due to the cultural similarities with asafo. Currently boxing has a status as both a hobby and a professional sport that provides possibilities of employment for some of the community’s youth (both male and female) and for community development.

Attoh-Quarshie Boxing Club

Attoh-Quarshie Boxing Club

As a few boxers (which tends to be the higher ranking ones) sparr with their respective coaches, the rest concentrates on fitness training.

The wrapping of hands prior to wearing a pair of boxing gloves

A sparring match between a boxer and his coach