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Great Britain and Ghana: Documents of Ghana History, 1807-1957

Summary of Book

A comprehensive collection of documents that covers the relationship that existed between Ghana and Great Britain from 1807 to 1957. For the most part, the collection depicts the reasons behind the actions of Great Britain with respect to their relationship with Fanti, Asanti and the Northern people in Ghana during this period in time. The documents are partly from official records in the Colonial Office files and the Gold Coast Legislative Council debates. Made up of 13 books with 41 chapters, it covers the documents, speeches and legislative instruments that guided events such as the abolition of the slave trade; the period of the British crown and merchant rule; the years of uncertainty and retreat which was characterised by the Krobo, Ashanti and Sagrenti wars, and the Fanti federation; the rule of Sir Gordon Guggisberg; Ghana’s advancement to independence and the CPP Government.