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Kobina Graham


Through my work as a writer, blogger, DJ and editor, I find myself championing arts and culture. Both speak to social imagination, without which society is incapable of dreaming itself out of its problems, doomed to forever regurgitate the present. I am a lecturer in Text and Meaning; Written & Oral Communication; Africa in the International Setting: Africa in International Affairs; African Philosophical Thought; Social Theory; and Leadership at Ashesi University in Ghana. My ultimate aim as a teacher is to move students from social apathy towards a particularly African social empathy. I attempt this in two ways: first, by helping students to see and question the hegemonies within which they exist; secondly, by introducing them to the idea that they are not merely receivers of culture but also creators of it, with all the responsibilities that this entails. If you can create culture then you can change it. In doing so, you can change society. I am interested in the intersection of Ghanaian popular culture and politics, with a particular interest in how social classes in Ghana are being portrayed and shaped in popular culture (film, music, magazines, advertisements, etc) and in social media.