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Lawrence Baganiah


Sound Artist Lawrence Baganiah creates soundscapes made up of layers of kiosk sounds and ambience. Mixes of found and recorded sounds splice market sellers, car mechanics, footsteps, bird chirps, industrial machines, national speeches, high life music, etc. Sounds of the city merges with personal and collective memories of sound, heightened to a hyper-broadcast. Baganiahís live operations borrow from DJ aesthetics and techniques while grunts, low rustles, carnal moans, earthly whistles, flow out of objects and reverberate across walls. The sources of his sounds are hidden; they seem to emanate from the works or spaces themselves. A graduate of KNUST, he has shown in ''Silence between the Lines'', February 2015, and the ''Gown must go to Town'', Science and Technology Museum, June 2015.

Forest Breathing

Mechanic Shop Breathing

Sound from Human Body Breathing