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Nii Obodai


Over the next year, the ANO Institute of Contemporary Arts will be traveling across Ghana, showcasing the best of contemporary Ghanaian contemporary culture. Using its exhibition space in the heart of the capital, as well as its moving museum and public spaces, all impressions will be uploaded onto ANO’s Cultural Encyclopedia site, providing kaleidoscopes of the country, both past and present.

Starting with the exhibition, Accra: Portraits of A City, ANO highlights Accra’s most exciting artists, both young and old. How did our capital city come to be what it is today? What elements shape it? Who are and were the people that inhabit it? How did its structures come to be what they are? What are its mythologies, symbols and narratives? What are its possible futures? How do these grow out of what already exists around us?

The Atlantic Ocean, site of movement, migration, trade; opportunity, dreams, possibility; exploitation, theft, destruction;


Photographer Nii Obodai captures the vista of the sea in all its permutations;


Lone figures dotting the seascape, insignificant in relation to the water’s vastness and all-encompassing resonance.