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Reportage of Exhibitions of Paintings in the Ghanaian Times (1967-1969)

Summary of List , 2016


On Wednesday, 2nd August 1967, the Institute of Art and Culture advertised in the Ghanaian Times (p.8) an exhibition featuring paintings, ceramics and glassware by Messrs. Daniel Cobblah, E.Y. Addo and A.O. Bartimeus. This was tagged as ‘The 1967 A.B.C. Art Exhibition’ and the works were to be exhibited to the public at the Arts Centre, Accra from 2nd – 10th August, 1967 between the hours of 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The program line up listed as guest speaker of the opening ceremony the wife of the Managing Director of Valco, Mrs. Dorothy Alter.

On Friday, 8th September 1967, a public relations and advertising consultants and practitioners, Talent International Limited, advertised on page 8 of the Ghanaian Times inviting the public to an “Exhibition of Fine Art” by Marigold Akufo-Addo who was 20 years of age at the time as put out by the paper at the ambassador. The exhibition was to run from September 11 to September 16 1967 and was to be formally opened by Mr. K.G. Osei Bonsu, Commissioner for Information at 5pm. The exhibition however was to run from 10am to 6pm each day.

On October 21st and 23rd of 1967, an exhibition “GHANA IN ART” was advertised to the public on page 8 of the Ghanaian Times by The Department of Art and Culture. This was to feature paintings, sculpture and ceramics by Dr. Oku Ampofo, Dr. Kobina Bucknor, Miss Elizabeth Massalska and Mr W.C. Owusu. The venue selected was the Central Library for the 23rd of October 1967 at 5:50pm.

The Department of Art and Culture also advertised on November 1st 1967 on page 8 of the Ghanaian Times an exhibition of reproduction of paintings by British artists themed “Landscape and Portrait”. This was set to open on the same day at 6:30pm with an introduction by Mr. K.I. McCallum of the British Council, Accra. The exhibition was also to be accompanied by a set of short films.

Moreover, The Department of Art and Culture advertised in the Ghanaian Times (p. 8) on December 7th 1967 an exhibition of “Fine Art” dubbed “The ‘Akwapim Six’ Art Society” slated to open to the general public from the 4th to the 16th of December 1967 at the Arts Centre, Accra.


The year 1968 for paintings begun with an advertisement by The Arts Council of Ghana in the Ghanaian Times (p.8) on February 28, 1968 inviting the public to an event themed “ART FOR FUN – PAINTING WITHOUT A BRUSH” to be held at the Arts Centre, Accra on Saturday, 2nd March 1968. At the same venue, the advertisement communicated and exhibition of paintings to be opened on the 9th of March 1968 which was to run till the 13th of March 1968.

On March 6th 1968, a reportage on an exhibition organized by the Ministry of Education together with the Department of Arts and Culture appeared under the headline “Exhibition in Accra” in The Ghanaian Times (p.8). It featured art and crafts of children between ages six and eleven and was opened by Mr. S.T. Nettey, commissioner for Labour and Social Welfare. The exhibition according to the report was organised as part of activities for the 11th anniversary of Ghana’s independence.

A report was subsequently published in The Ghanaian Times (p. 8), March 8 1968, on exhibits including paintings, door-mats, children’s dresses and clay works at the regional conference hall at Bolgatanga. The works were by the middle and primary schools in the Bolgatanga district and was opened by Major Amadu Iddisah, member of the Upper Regional Committee of Administration. The report however did not specify the exact date the exhibition was opened.

On March 9 and subsequently on the 11th 1968, the then University of Science and Technology, Kumasi advertised through their Faculty of Art vacancy for the position of Lecturers in Painting amongst a few other available positions. The specify duty in the Ghanaian Times (p.8) was “to lecture in History and Philosophy of Art and also teach painting up to a degree level”.

On March 15 1968, the Arts Council of Ghana published an invitation to the general public of an exhibition of Paintings, Collage, Embroidery and Handcraft by Mrs Theresa Bannerman and John Kofi Aryee. This was to be exhibited on Monday, 8th April through to the 22nd of April 1968 at the Arts Centre, Accra.

Moreover, on April 23rd and 25th 1968, an advertisement by The Arts Council of Ghana in the Ghanaian Times (p.8) inviting the public to a touring exhibition of artist and poet William Blake (1757-1827) by the British Council. The theme was “Illustrations to The Book of Job” and was scheduled for the 25th of April through to the 6th of May 1968 at the Arts Centre, Accra. Mr K.I. McCallum, acting representative of the British Council was set to give an introductory talk.

“The Ghanaian Contemporaries” was to be an exhibition of paintings, drawings, ceramics and sculpture organised by The Art Council of Ghana. Its advertisement was published in the Ghanaian Times (p. 8) and it was slated to run from Monday, 15th July through to 29th July 1968. Artists to be included were “The Ghanaian Contemporaries”.

On October 26th 1968, “An Exhibition of Art Works” by final students of Winneba Specialist Training College was advertised by the Arts Council of Ghana in the Ghanaian Times (p.8) to open on the 29th October 1968 and run till 9th November 1968 at the Arts Centre, Accra.


In 1969, the only report on exhibitions of paintings to my knowledge appeared on September 8th in the Ghanaian Times (p.8). In the report, the paramount chief of Adansi Traditional Area, Nana Kwantwi Barima II was reported to have opened a two-week exhibition including paintings, wood carvings, ceramics, graphic designs and textiles by the art society of six, the “New Horizon” at the Arts Centre, Accra. The exhibition was reported to have been sponsored by the Arts Council of Ghana.