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Spiders in the city: Trickster and the politics /Economics of performance in Ghana’s popular theatre revival

Summary of Book , 2008

The concert party is a near century old popular theatre genre in Ghana. Contemporary socio- political and economic circumstances shape the spider-man trickster specifically within Akan folklore. Ananse the trickster can be regarded as a prototype of the concert party joker, who addresses his manifestation in the socio-political landscape of the nation. Contextualising the trickster spider-man Kwaku-Ananse within African populist theatre in Ghana brings out character value useful to its people, especially those transported into slavery. This same value has been appropriated for legitimating political and economic ends, resulting in altering relationships between the trickster and the socio-political realm of the nation. The trickster can be found dangerously navigating the social, economic and political landscape both on and off the concert party stage.

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