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The Art of Narrative Drama in Ghana

Summary of Book , 2000

Narrative drama is popular in Ghana and remains the country’s greatest contribution to world theatrical forms. Great contributions in Ghanaian dramatic plays to this end include Efua Sutherland’s The marriage of Anansewa , Ama Ata Aidoo’s Anowa, Asiedu Yirenkyi’s Ama Praana, Aartin Owusu’s The Story Ananse Told and Mohammed Ben Abdallah’s Abibigoro. In Ghana’s narrative drama, actors serve many functions on the stage, including singing, clapping, dancing, drumming and puppetry. The storyteller is an indispensable element of the drama. Especially within the traditional context, where the storyteller is the owner of the story; they comment on the unfolding action, may sing solo, and provide elements of continuity. Special elements in these dramatic narratives include dramatic irony, commentary, ritual and ceremony.